Andrew J Lucas is an established and prolific writer and for Cornerstone Studio, he is currently scripting Galvani, Kinetic, Archaic Forces, and Rampart.  He is also lending writing talent to a number of smaller projects and one shots including Kinetic World Tour and a Galvani, 5entry, Kinetic crossover titles G2 K 5.

Andrew has successfully scripted, Comics, written fiction and poetry.  He started his career contributing to various tabletop roleplaying games and has since self-published three books (1 TTRPG, and 2 Fiction anthologies), Star Trek and Star War fan films, as well as dozens of magazine articles.  He is always open to sharing his knowledge and experience and willing to experiment with his chosen art.

A selection of the published credits are below:




Publications (categorized by genre)


Comic Scripts

Cornerstone Creative Studios, Kinetic series – ongoing, Kinetic world tour – one shot, Brown Recluse – ongoing, Galvani series – ongoing  Dec 2016 (pub pending)

New Baby Entertainment, Haida: Mother of Frogs – 4 issue miniseries, Flux – 12 issue strip Dec 2106 (pub pending)

Splotch Comics, Crossfire – ongoing, Sept 2016


Short Fiction

“The Martian Falcon,” The Argosy Fall/Winter 2012

“The Martian Falcon,” Nebula Rift Vol 2, Issue 5,, 2011

 “No Extraction Clause”, Starward Tales, Manawaker Studio Sept 2016 

“Beowulf’s Commission,” Game Fiction Vol 2, Gold Shader Oct 2016 (Pub pending)

“Day Worker,” A Bleak New Future, Raven International Publishing, Jan 2016 

“Ocean’s Bounty,” Tales of Unseen Terror and Slumbering Horror, Twit Publishing, Oct 2016 (pub pending) 

“Amateresu’s Tears,” Sisterhood of the Blade, Battlefield Press, 2018

“Nameless One,” Made in Britain: Best of British Horror, Hellbound Books LLC 2018

“Voodoo that you Do Do,” Terror Politico, Scary Dairy Press, 2020

“The End of the Line,” Spoon Knife 4, Autonomous Press, Dec 2019 

“Swipe Right,” Worth 1,000 words, Flash in a Flash, 2020

“Rebuttal,” Apex, Outland Entertainment, 2020 

“High Steel,” Tales of the Space force, B Cubed Press, Dec 2021

“State of the Union,” Trump Fiction, Econo Clash Review 2018

“Santa Maria,” Post Roe Alternatives, B Cubed Press 2022

“Sunset”, Scott’s Planet, B Cubed Press 2023

“To Whom it May Concern”, The Path of Absolute Power, Dyskemi 2023



“Pay it Forward,” Polar Borealis #5, 2018

“Shrouded Moon,” Clockwork Kiru, Credible Institution 2015

“Silverstar Dreams,” Love Notes, Credible Institution 2010 


  Roleplaying Games (solo books)

Northwest Passage, Atlas Games 2015

The Steetfighter Player’s Guide, White Wolf Game Studios  

Mekong Dominion Sourcebook, Dream Pod nine

Cataclysm on Cloudholme, Monkeygod Enterprises

Smuggler’s Run, Ronin Publishing

Slave Ship, Green Ronin Publishing

Dark Hold Adventures: Goblins, Rebel Minis 2016

Terror from the Black Isles, Rebel minis 2017 

Tales from the Adventurers’ Inn, Rebel Minis 2016 (pub pending)

Bagboos on Parade, Lunar Games 2018

Carry on Wayward Son, Dyskemi 

Interlinked, Dragon Turtle Games 2019

New Bristol: A supers Campaign Setting for SWADE, Charon Productions, 2019

GM Screen adventure, Dyskemi

 Roleplaying Games (Design work/Contributor)

Discordian Games, Legacy

Green Ronin Publishing, Spaceship Zero, 

FASA, Earthdawn: Legends, Earthdawn: Creature Collection, Earthdawn: Horrors, Shadowrun: Threats

Eden Studios, City of Heroes: Paragon City

White Wolf Game Studios, Contenders,

Dream Pod Nine, Horrors of the Z’Bri, Solapol Sourcebook, Core Command: Armory, Life on Terra Nova 2nd edition, Duelist’s Handbook  

Pariah Press, Dangerous Prey

Atlas Games, Golden Comeback, Back for Seconds

Spectrum Studios, Cartoon Action Hour 

Crunchy Frog Games, Alien Recognition Manual, Area 51 Technical Manual

Steve Jackson Games, Supporting Cast,

Pulsar Games Inc, Blood of Heroes: Adventure Book 1,

Seaborn Games, Hunting Party,

Rebel Minis, Six Gun Assassins, Red Ops 5, Bongolasia, Mighty Armies: Fantasy, Mighty Armies: Black Pirates,  Mighty Armies: Dark Elves, Mighty Armies: Blue and Grey, Mighty Armies: Fantasy Army List, Mighty Armies: Old West Army list, Mighty Armies: Ancient Mars Army List

Zenit Miniatures, Kensei, Okotadate 

Battlefront Games, The Road to Rome

Conflict PvP, Combat Cards

Target Games, Inferno

Lunar Games, Endless Realms: Creature Compendium, Tome of Spirits 

 Magazine Articles (RPG/Science)

Challenge Magazine, Shamanic Totems, 

White Wolf Magazine, Running a Magic Tournament

Adventures Unlimited, Smuggler’s Run, Old Friends, Godzilla, Star Trek: CCG Multiple Players Rules, Spirits of the Forest, 

Pyramid Magazine, Fish out of Water, Hot Time in the City, Away Game 

Shadis, An Interview with Nigel Findley

Battlefront Games, Smokey Smith VC Recipient, Rockets in the air: The Land Mattress, The Ram: Canada’s most Successful Failed Tank

Ask You ask Me, Searching the Dark, Sally’s Farm, Quantum Computing, The end of Oil, Moon Miners, What Matters in the Universe, Cleaning the Air you Breath, How to Warm your Throat, The Math of the Rice Cooker, Forms of Energy Stored in Nature, Mapping Game Worlds, The Dark Between Stars, Scanning Tunneling Microscope

Tentacles and Tabletops, Claim Jumper,



Star Trek: The Romulan Wars, The Atlas (writer), The Wounded (Writer), To Try the Man (Executive Producer), Arius (Executive Producer), The Tunnel at the end of the Light  (Executive Producer), To Try the Man (Executive Producer)

Star Wars: Remnants, full screenplay, Treble Peaks Productions (in post production)


Work History

Self Publisher Charon Productions (2018)

RPG Line Developer (2012 – present, Rebel Minis)

Freelance Writer (2014 – present Xiaoduo Media, details)

Publisher/Writer (1990-1991 Adventures Unlimited)



Winner Okanagan College Writing contest 1987 – poetry

Okanagan College Writing contest 1988 – Honorable Mention- Poetry

Origin Awards 2004 – Best Miniatures Accessory nominee

Winner Gaming Genius award 2011 – Best RPG-Oriented Miniatures Game

Silver Ennie award 2013 – Nominee 


Activities and Memberships

Judge, RPG INDY awards, 2009-present



Short Fiction, Comic book scripting 

Roleplaying games, Rule design and development